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Kailie - High School Senior Portrait On Location Session 


IMGP1113IMGP1113 IMGP1101IMGP1101 IMGP1099IMGP1099 IMGP1085IMGP1085 IMGP1073IMGP1073 IMGP1125IMGP1125 IMGP1139IMGP1139 IMGP1132IMGP1132 IMGP1181IMGP1181 IMGP1167IMGP1167 IMGP1187IMGP1187 IMGP1198IMGP1198 IMGP1199IMGP1199 IMGP1207IMGP1207 IMGP1213IMGP1213 IMGP1225IMGP1225 IMGP1232IMGP1232 IMGP1238IMGP1238 IMGP1241IMGP1241 IMGP1244IMGP1244 IMGP1240IMGP1240 IMGP1239IMGP1239 IMGP1253IMGP1253 IMGP1254IMGP1254 IMGP1259IMGP1259 IMGP1265IMGP1265 IMGP1270IMGP1270 IMGP1277IMGP1277 IMGP1280IMGP1280 IMGP1278IMGP1278


Gabriel - Sweet 16 Birthday Portraits

IMGP7978IMGP7978 IMGP8006IMGP8006 IMGP8144IMGP8144 IMGP8008IMGP8008 IMGP7980IMGP7980 IMGP7971IMGP7971 IMGP7912IMGP7912 IMGP7823IMGP7823 IMGP7812IMGP7812

Jasmine Debut Portraits

aa (147)aa (147) aa (447)aa (447) aa (400)aa (400) aa (166)aa (166) aa (163)aa (163) aa (162)aa (162) aa (153)aa (153) aa (150)aa (150) aa (143)aa (143)

Klarisa's - Quinceanera Portraits

EVY_1766EVY_1766 EVY_1737EVY_1737 EVY_1741EVY_1741 IMG_5657IMG_5657 IMG_5639IMG_5639 IMG_5488IMG_5488 IMG_5483IMG_5483

Lizel's College Graduation Portraits

IMG_9742IMG_9742 IMG_9780IMG_9780 IMG_9786IMG_9786 IMG_9817IMG_9817 IMG_9713IMG_9713 IMG_9761IMG_9761 IMG_9809IMG_9809

Ali - Debut Photography

ML2_1888ML2_1888 ML2_1806ML2_1806 ML1_2127ML1_2127 IMGP1459IMGP1459 IMGP1454IMGP1454 IMGP1446IMGP1446

2017 by Ambrosia Event Services All Rights Reserved IMGP1392IMGP1392 IMGP1447IMGP1447 IMGP1448IMGP1448 IMGP1450IMGP1450 ML1_1961ML1_1961
IMGP1378IMGP1378 IMGP1389IMGP1389

ML1_1997ML1_1997 ML1_2127ML1_2127 ML1_2130ML1_2130

Sharon and Jack - Husband and Wife Portraits IMGP2377 bwIMGP2377 bw

IMGP2182IMGP2182 IMGP2240IMGP2240 IMGP2294IMGP2294 IMGP2311IMGP2311 IMGP2321IMGP2321 IMGP2362IMGP2362


Woodward Family Studio Portraits IMG_6030IMG_6030 IMG_6036IMG_6036 IMG_6053IMG_6053 IMG_6056IMG_6056 IMG_6049IMG_6049 IMG_6061IMG_6061 IMG_6066IMG_6066

IMG_9571IMG_9571 IMG_9576IMG_9576 IMG_9577IMG_9577 IMG_9583IMG_9583 IMG_9592IMG_9592 IMG_9566IMG_9566 IMG_9559IMG_9559


Family Portraits A (1)A (1) IMG_3243 copyIMG_3243 copy A (3)A (3) A (37)A (37) A (6)A (6) A (32)A (32) A (23)A (23) A (5)A (5) A (4)A (4) I_0030I_0030 I_0035I_0035 Copy (2) of (52 of 96)Copy (2) of (52 of 96) I_0019I_0019 I_0063I_0063

IMG_7320IMG_7320 IMG_7332IMG_7332 untitled shoot-5475untitled shoot-5475 untitled shoot-5406untitled shoot-5406

College Graduation Portraits

script 033 copy 9script 033 copy 9

VT8Z1106VT8Z1106 VT8Z1113VT8Z1113 VT8Z1120VT8Z1120 VT8Z1031VT8Z1031 VT8Z1030VT8Z1030 amichaelsa (2)amichaelsa (2) VT8Z1032VT8Z1032 VT8Z1121VT8Z1121 VT8Z1118VT8Z1118

Baby Portraits

untitled shoot-2-22untitled shoot-2-22 untitled shoot-2-49untitled shoot-2-49 untitled shoot-2-38untitled shoot-2-38 untitled shoot-2-35untitled shoot-2-35 untitled shoot-2-18untitled shoot-2-18 untitled shoot-2-5untitled shoot-2-5